The Tea Revolution

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Blends that balance

We create blends that balance the opposing energies of yin and yang. When your yin-yang energies are balanced, you feel good, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.

We believe in external and internal wellbeing.

  • The Finest Ingredients

    At Tea Temple, we care about everything we do -
    from the ingredients we source, to the flavours we create, to the impact we make on the community.

  • Organic and Fair Trade

    We endeavour to ensure that all our producers receive a fair share for their work.

    We are committed to the creation of sustainable and equitable trade partnerships.

  • Our Flavour Promise

    We are dedicated to providing great tasting teas.

    We produce unique blends that contain new on-trend flavours whilst maintaining the integrity of the herbal ingredient.